Have you had it with insurance companies stealing from you?

Do you feel trapped by insurance contracts that are sucking the profits and the joy out of practice?

Are you ready to dump the PPOs and take back control and declare your freedom?

The Dental Freedom Academy was created to help you do just that!

You can lose those PPO contracts and not only survive but thrive! ...if you do it right.

There is no one 'right' way to do this: every practice is different. Considering what is at stake wouldn't it be ideal to work with an experienced coach who has done this many times before, one who will help you make a plan that fits your unique circumstances? We'll give you tools, but our program is not a tool kit; it's you working directly with a master coach.

The Dental Freedom Academy program will give you answers to these questions:

  • How much are PPO contracts costing my practice?
  • How do I get ready to drop PPOs so I don't take a 'hit'?
  • How do I communicate my decision to patients and insurance companies?
  • How do I keep patients when I drop their plan?
  • What verbal skills will I need and how do I train my team?
  • Why is an optimized membership plan a necessity when dropping PPOs?
  • How will I get enough uninsured patients to replace the revenues from PPOs?
  • What will it be like to practice insurance-free?
How ready is your practice to start dropping PPOs?Take the Quiz!

How ready is your practice to start dropping PPOs?

Take the Quiz!

Each Yes to the Questions Below = 10 Points.

1. Do you have sufficient Adult New Patient flow (12-20 per month - not insurance dependent)?

2. Is your total A/R less than one month's production?

3. Is the % of your patient base who are on a PPO plan less than 1/3 of your active patient base?

4. Do you have an effective and profitable membership plan?

5. Are you and your team competent at gaining acceptance for want-based Dentistry?

6. Have you killed your approval addiction?

7. Do your patients now pay their co-pay at the time of service?

8. Do your patients pay in full now at the time of service for all treatment under $250?

9. Does your team want to be Insurance Free or Independent?

10. Do your current patients experience the "WOW" in your practice each and every time they're in your office?

If your score is:

100- 80: You are ready!

60- 70: You have some work to do!

0 - 59: We need to get started now!

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