Dental Benefits Made Simple

Learn how our dental membership plan can help your small business thrive

Did you know that almost 40% of employees who have access to dental benefits never use them? This can be especially rough for small businesses that still need to pay for the benefit even when it goes unused. Thankfully, there's a way to save on your dental care costs while still offering your employees a high-quality plan.

With DenVantage Small Business, you only pay for those who use our plan. Meanwhile, your employees get access to even better dental benefits than they would with traditional insurance. This helps your business save money and stand out in a tight employment market.

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Keep your employees happy and healthy

A DenVantage membership plan will make your company more appealing to applicants while serving as a massive help for your current employees. Compared to those with no dental membership plan, employees who use DenVantage:

  • Miss fewer workdays due to dental problems
  • Are twice as likely to get preventative dental care
  • Will be happier and more satisfied with their job

Give your employees the dental care they need to succeed. Sign up for a plan with us today.