Get the Dental Care You Need

Our membership plan provides an affordable alternative to insurance

Dental insurance isn't always easy to obtain. Even if you do have it, expensive premiums, limited benefits, and excessive wait times can make it hard for you to get the most from it. Luckily, DenVantage is here to offer you a better alternative to expensive dental insurance.

By paying a low monthly fee, you'll get all your regular preventative dental care covered at no extra cost. That includes cleanings, X-rays and periodic exams, all 100% covered. We'll help you cover the cost of other procedures by applying a benefit towards them. You'll even have benefits for cosmetic dental procedures.

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Why go with our membership plan?

Our plan is a great alternative to insurance for a variety of reasons. That's because when compared to traditional insurance, our membership plan:

  • Offers more affordable coverage
  • Provides immediate coverage
  • Has no deductibles or denials
  • Doesn't exclude any procedure

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