The "Inalienable rights" that the Declaration of Independence proclaims to have been conferred by the Creator, and protected in America are: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Life, the most basic human right of all, and liberty are easily understood. But the pursuit of happiness is more often mistaken to mean a right to happiness. The Founding Fathers did not declare a right to happiness; they recognized the right to pursue it. To me, that means in America, whatever our inner strivings might be, we have the freedom and right to go after them.

To achieve the ultimate goal of contentment and happiness, you will need to feel that you are fulfilling your mission on earth and are at rest with your ambitions and achievements and have a sense of inner peace. Only a very free society can offer this degree of freedom, as you may need to change course in your pursuit. In America, we have had that freedom.

This pursuit has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with being able to simply be yourself, to find your guiding principles while having the freedom to express and embody those principles. There is solace in knowing that there are hurdles and obstacles you must overcome every day, but harmony and peace are found in the pursuit ? not necessarily in the achievement.

So what does this rumination have to do with dentistry?You, as a dentist or dental team August 2022 Ray of Light LIFE,LIBERTY,ANDTHEPURSUITOFHAPPINESS dan st einke,DDS member are being challenged every day by a rapidly changing professional environment. Government and corporate dentistry are growing rapidly and insurance companies are constricting and dictating what you are able to do to serve your valued patients.

Are you completely happy in your work environment with the constraints being placed on you? If your answer is yes, I applaud you. But for many dentists, if not most, the increasing influence of outside forces is creating barriers to treating patients the way we would like to treat them.

Do you have a choice in this matter? Your answer can be found in your right to ?Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?

DenVantage was started by four dentists who are passionate about keeping the dentist/patient relationship sacred and being able to provide the finest quality dentistry the patient deserves and desires. We, as partners, continue to hold that passion and pursuit as we continue in dentistry. We continually strive to improve DenVantage as a powerful tool in the pursuit of professional happiness and satisfaction. The road we are on is not an easy one, but we have been uncompromising in our pursuit of the ideal dentist/patient relationship. Does this sound like the path you would like to travel with us? It?s YOUR choice! We are here for you if you do.